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Education Committee Focuses on Voter Outreach

By Sharon Nieukirk

At our fall planning meeting, LWVLC prioritized a commitment to improving our voter information outreach efforts in 2024. Since that time, members who volunteered to work on the “Voter Education Committee” have been working hard to develop a strategy to educate Lincoln County voters on how, where, and why to vote in the upcoming elections. We are strongly encouraging all members to join us at the February 15 membership meeting to finalize our plans and join the effort to move some exciting ideas forward!

The committee has designed three approaches for our members to deliver reliable information to voters:

Speakers Pool - Members who enjoy doing oral presentations or speaking with interested groups will be supplied with materials for presenting the ins and outs of our vote-by-mail system, who is eligible to vote, how to check your voter registration and sources of unbiased voter information. Presentations can be either in person or via zoom. Members’ assistance is needed to seek out invitations from both traditional and non-traditional audiences. We’ll brainstorm suggestions on the 15th!

Press releases (online and print) – If you enjoy conveying information via the written, we need

you! We will be producing timely articles corresponding to important deadlines (e.g., last day to

register to vote, election dates, etc.). Basic information from vetted sources has been compiled on

most aspects of voting in Lincoln County, so it’s time to form our “press corps.”

Social Media – Finally, desperately needed are members who are social media savvy and will

post time-sensitive information with eye-catching graphics. These graphics have been developed by

our own graphic guru, Marta West, with league contacts and include vetted election information.

Join us at on February 15th, 11:30 am, at the Oregon Coast Community College (Newport Campus) to fine tune this effort to build a larger than ever body of informed voters. We’ll begin by sharing critical information about the May Primary elections, then move on to timely details relating to the fall elections.

Building an informed electorate is a guiding principle of the League of Women Voters. Please join us to share your ideas and get involved in whatever piece of this effort suits you. If you cannot attend and have questions, or want to volunteer, please contact Sharon Nieukirk or Georgia Roelof.

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