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LWVOR Fall Workshop

The LWVOR Fall Workshop, “Discourse in a Diverse World,” will take place Oct 13-16, 2021, via Zoom. This workshop was spread over several days to reduce “Zoom fatigue.” The sessions are:

  • Wednesday, 10/13/21, 3:00 PM: Cheryl Graeve presents “Engaging Differences: Constructive Conversation in a Diverse World”

  • Thursday, 10/14/21, 5:00 PM: Terry Busch of “Braver Angels” presents “Defusing Contentious Conversations”

  • Friday, 10/15/21, 5:00 PM: Katie Parker and Stacey Smith present “Using the Volunteer Development Cycle to Improve the Volunteer Experience”

  • Saturday, 10/16/21, 11:00 AM: Keynote speaker Garrett Epps, a SCOTUS reporter and Constitutional law professor: “What are the prospects for the survival of our democracy? What will happen to the right to vote, the right to choose, the right to peaceable assembly for redress of grievance? Are there any guardrails left?”

You can attend any or all the sessions. (There is no charge.) Learn more and register at The sessions will also be recorded.

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