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The LWVOR Legislative Action Team 2021 Session Priorities (As copied from the LWVOR website)

In this era of COVID-19, we continue to protect democracy. Our priority emphasis is on health, safety, and providing safety net services to the most vulnerable. With disruption in employment and business, it is important to do what we can to generate adequate revenue for essential services. Continued work on the climate emergency and addressing the crises from our 2020 wildfires is integral to Oregon’s future.

PROTECT DEMOCRACY by supporting the legislature’s redistricting process and advocating for an independent citizen redistricting commission. Expand automatic voter registration and fund up-to-date, efficient, and secure elections’ software. Support campaign finance reform statutes to implement M 107 state constitutional amendment.

GENERATE ADEQUATE REVENUE for essential services while promoting equitable and progressive tax policy and addressing revenue needs due to COVID-19.

ADVOCATE FOR ANTI-POVERTY PROGRAMS AND HEALTH CARE REFORMS by preserving adequate Medicaid funding to build on Oregon’s innovation to cover all kids and vulnerable adults. Focus on services for seniors, people with disabilities, and foster youth.

PROMOTE PUBLIC SAFETY MEASURES by seeking practical strategies to achieve police reform, revising mandatory sentencing of adults laws, instituting stronger gun safety regulations.

SUPPORT STRATEGIES TO ASSURE HOUSING FOR ALL by increasing investments in rental assistance, affordable and home-less housing, preservation, new units, and home ownership.

ADDRESS THE CLIMATE EMERGENCY by supporting Governor Kate Brown’s 2018-2020 Carbon/Climate Executive Orders, net zero greenhouse emissions before 2050 while ensuring environmental justice with a just transition for workers and impacted communities.

SUPPORT WILDFIRE RECOVERY by addressing drought, housing, water quality, risk mapping and effects on underserved Oregonians.

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