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Vote411 is a one-stop election resource! Find the candidates and measures you will see on your personal ballot

in the upcoming Primary or November election



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Brought to you by the League of Women Voters Education Fund

The League of Women Voters of Lincoln County is dedicated to providing eligible voters with accurate, timely information and the tools to become an “Informed Voter”.  Voting is our privilege and responsibility.  The League wants to make sure that you have unbiased material to help you decide for yourself what candidate or ballot measure is worthy of your vote.

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Resources and links for Oregonians

It’s Election Season once again!!

The 2022 Oregon Midterm is on Tuesday, November 8th, with Oregon’s ballots mailed to every registered voter approximately three weeks prior to that date.

The LWV on-line voters’ guide – – a reliable, non-partisan guide to the candidates and measures to be decided this year. 


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