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100th Year--Ice Cream Social by Georgia Roelof

Let’s get together on March 19th and have a celebratory ice cream social! This will be our regular monthly meeting at the Newport Public Library at 11:30 AM, with ice cream thrown in – not literally. We, the League of Women Voters, are celebrating our 100th Birthday, so let’s do something special! There are a number of important events coming up between March and May, and we need to have a “planning meeting.” So, let’s make it as fun as possible by providing some delicious ice cream & toppings! Some of the events we have in front of us include: LWVLC Candidate Forum – tentatively planned for Tuesday, April 14th; LWVOR Council 2020 – May 15 to 17; Oregon Primary Election – May 19th; LWVLC Annual Luncheon – May 28. The Leadership Team is looking for input from all of our members. This year, 2020, presents a special opportunity to our 100-year-old League of Women Voters to have a meaningful impact on our country’s future. Come on March 19th to help us figure out how to do it. (If you want to bring a sandwich along, that might be a good idea, too.)

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