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2021-22 Annual Meeting

On May 19, 2022, LWV Lincoln County held our Annual Meeting at the Lincoln City campus of the Oregon Coast Community College. It was well attended by members (including one who

joined us via Zoom) and guests. Georgia Roelof ran the meeting, starting with the required approval of the 2021 Annual Meeting Minutes, the 2022-23 Budget and election of Officers (Jane

Mulholland – Secretary, and Georgia Roelof – Treasurer). After the members of the Leadership Team were introduced, the programs from the previous year were reviewed. Over that time our League was able to present a variety of interesting and pertinent programs which were very well attended.

We presented

• in October, a discussion of the need for childcare in Lincoln County with Alma Baxter and Lola Jones,

• in November, Ranked Choice Voting and STAR with Mark Frohnmayer and Diane Silver,

• at our December luncheon, a discussion with Judge Amanda Benjamin,

• in January, the Marine Mammal Institute with Dr Lisa Balance,

• in February, the PAC Wave Project with Prof. Burke Hales,

• in March, a lively discussion with State Senator Dick Anderson and State Representative David Gomberg, and

• in April, a Zoom Candidate Forum for our County Commissioners’ race.

Ideas for future programs were offered and the group discussed the Primary Election results (some of which were only partial). The meeting ended after some soul searching about 1) how to reach & educate voters, 2) what we could do to promote Ranked Choice Voting in Lincoln County, 3) how we could help get signatures for the Initiative Project #17 (see IP-17 article in this issue).

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