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Cyber Security Study Presentation Friday, January 17th

Amid compelling daily ongoing developments,

• Do you wonder about privacy, cybersecurity, and election security?

• Do you know the privacy and cybersecurity protocols now in effect?

• Do you know the current legislation: privacy, cyber, and security, and election security?

• Do you wonder about “Cyber hygiene”, or privacy and transparency protection?

Please join us on January 17th when Rebecca Gladstone presents the League study overview. These ultra-timely issues pop up in urgent daily news from personal account security, to the Internet of Things with surveillance, to cyber warfare. We acknowledge the difficult technicality of these issues, which change constantly and competitively. Our Leagues need to grasp these issues by focusing on overarching policy concepts to “futureproof” our advocacy positions. Our study prep materials, a glossary and recommended reading, are already posted on the League of Women Voters of Oregon (LWVOR) website. This is a one-year League study, a true fast-track starting from the May 2019 adoption since the original timeline requires Oregon Leagues to process the study report and consensus questions this spring. We are now compiling expert review and editing committee input before final publication and online formatting. Our compiled answers to League consensus questions will produce our legislative policy advocacy positions. Our national League and other states will be looking at our work to add their own perspectives, with possible concurrence adoption. Our study committee appreciates your input.

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