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IP-17 (Initiative Petition 17)

By Georgia Roelof

Lift Every Voice Oregon is the grassroots organization behind IP-17, a gun safety initiative which has morphed into Measure 114 and will appear on your ballot in November. Rev. Mark Knutson, chief petitioner of the gun initiative, is the senior pastor of Augustana Lutheran Church in Portland, Oregon. Working with clergy from a variety of faith-based organizations, Rev. Knutson helped make LEVO a powerful organization which used volunteers to obtain the necessary signatures to get the initiative on the ballot. Several LWV Lincoln County members were among the thousands of volunteers who collected signatures in their communities.

If approved by the voters on November 8th, Measure 114 will require that before you acquire a firearm:

* You must obtain a gun permit from your local Sheriff or Chief of Police

* You must complete a firearm safety program

* You must submit to a federal background check

* Maximum magazine capacity will be restricted to 10 rounds

So here’s another good reason to learn what will be on your ballot in November. There will undoubtedly be other measures a well. Sometime in early October will be fully active to help answer your questions. Take advantage of this great information resource.

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