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Judge Amanda Benjamin to Speak at the LWVLC Luncheon, December 16 by Marilyn Podesta

Amanda Benjamin was tapped by Gov. Kate Brown on May 21, 2021, to fill out the term of retiring judge, Thomas Branford. Judge Benjamin, a native North Carolinian earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of North Carolina, and her law degree with honors from the University of Tennessee’s College of Law.

What do young professionals do when trying to decide on a future locale/livelihood for themselves? Jump into their vehicle and take a road trip! Amanda and her husband investigated several states and job opportunities on their trip west. They fell in love with Oregon, where Amanda joined her first legal firm as an attorney in Medford, Oregon.

In 2015, a position opened in Newport, and the couple moved to Lincoln County. Here, she gained further experience by working with the county’s Child Protective Services and established the county’s mental health treatment court. Often, it is necessary for those in the legal profession of one county to “help out” in other counties. She spent time in Malheur County, working under the district attorney there. Since Oregon’s county populations are so different, it is important for judges to be seen as non-partisan, which she viewed first-hand in that assignment.

In addition to her work in the legal profession, Judge Benjamin is also mother to two young children. Childcare is not only a national issue, it was also a very personal issue to many of our League members when so many of us were young professionals. She said she “had a lot to say on this issue,” and will share some of her experiences with us.

We look forward to Judge Benjamin’s visit to our first “in-person” meeting in nearly two years. (See “Luncheon Reservation” article information on how you can reserve your spot at the Sylvia Beach Hotel on Dec. 16!)

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