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Membership Matters: "Getting to Know You!" by Marilyn Podesta, Membership Chair

All LWVLC members recently received Treasurer Georgia Roelof’s proposed 2021-22 budget and overview of what our “Annual Meeting” agenda would look like on Sept. 16. As of this writing, about half of those members have sent in their dues for the coming year, and I encourage others to join them. We are sincerely hoping our membership meetings can be in person at the Newport Library on the third Thursday of the month, starting in September. The McEntee room downstairs is reserved for Sept-Nov. and Jan-April from 11:00-1:30. (Unfortunately, after the article was written, we realized that it is not yet safe to hold in-door in-person meetings. Our Annual Meeting will be held via Zoom.) Set up will be during the first half hour, with members arriving at 11:30 for the “Meet and Greet” part of our meeting, with business meeting/speaker to follow. Member Kaye Hering has agreed to be our “Greeter” for the year. If you have been contacted for refreshments to bring for a meeting, please bring a simple finger type of refreshment such as fruit, or cookies. Coffee and tea will be provided. (Since we meet during the lunch hour, please feel free to supplement with your own sandwich or drink.)

Since no face-to-face meetings have been held since February of 2020, many members have not had the pleasure of meeting and knowing each other! I thought it might be fun to “plant a clue,” in this issue of the Newsletter and if you recognize yourself, you can add that information to your introduction when we do meet. So, here is a start:


1) is a native San Franciscan and spent her professional life in school libraries in CA?

2) was an administrator of programs for the Deaf and hard of hearing?

3) is the current LWVOR treasurer?

4) leads a “Bell Ringer” group at Sunday services?

5) is a former State of Oregon Congresswoman?

6) is a current Lincoln County Commissioner?

7) tirelessly organized our successful fruit sales for many years?

8) is a current Newport City Council Representative?

9) spent her childhood on an ancestral Northern CA farm and attended a one-room school.

10) brought renowned authors to our area for the annual “Newport Reads” program?

11) is now heading up our LWVLC website?

12) worked professionally for years in the NY wine industry?

13) has visited the LWVUS headquarters?

14) is the Mayor of Lincoln City?

15) is on the STR committee to help improve LC’s neighborhoods?

16) has ancestry dating back to the Mayflower and is a DAR member?

17) are our two LWVLC Life Members? (Membership of at least 50 years!)

As you can see, I do not know all of our members personally, and do hope to get even more clues from them as the year goes on. I, however, am very impressed with so many of our Lincoln County members who are now, or have been “activists” in their personal and professional lives! Be sure you are in attendance for our next in-person or virtual meeting to find out who “owns” these interesting facts about themselves!! SEE YOU THERE!!

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Nanci Oberg
Nanci Oberg
Oct 17, 2021

I have recently retired and moved to Lincoln County from out of state. I would like to become active in this organization. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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