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LWVLC Annual Meeting Postponed Until September by Ruth Kistler

LWVLC Bylaws specify that we hold our Annual meeting in May or June. They specify that at the

business session of the Annual meeting we adopt a program and budget for the coming year, and elect officers. The Bylaws don’t talk about in-person

meetings and sharing food with League friends, which, for many of us, are the most important parts of the Annual meeting. Your Leadership Team has voted to postpone the Annual meeting until September with the fervent hope that we can hold the Annual meeting in-person in September. We will hold our May monthly meeting at the

usual time, May 20, 11:30 am, via Zoom. We will have lots of recent events to discuss at that

meeting, including the May 18 Special Election, our candidate forums, and the (May 10 -16)

LWVOR Convention, as well as hopes and plans for the coming year.

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