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LWVLC in Covid-19 Time Warp by Georgia Roelof

Does it feel like a time warp to you? Well, it sure does to me. Everything is upside down and weird. But through it all, our Lincoln County LWV chapter is alive and well. Your Leadership Team has been meeting on a regular basis (via Zoom) and working to keep you all informed. Starting on September 17th , we will be having our monthly membership meetings via Zoom. For those of you who have a computer, laptop or tablet, that will be fairly uncomplicated. If you don’t have one of those devices, a smart phone (or even an old fashioned “regular” phone) will work, too. In order to get everyone “up-to-speed” on Zoom prior to the September meeting, we need to know what device you do or do not have. To that end we need you to: Send an email to me –, with the following information by Sept. 7th.

1) What device (i.e., if computer is it PC or Apple?) do you plan to use for our Zoom meetings? 2) If you have none of these devices, we need to know that, too. 3) Have you ever attended a Zoom meeting or webinar? 4) Do you want to attend a Zoom “tutorial” that we plan to offer? We want every one of our members to attend future meetings, and we are determined to do everything possible to make you comfortable with this new form of communication. EDIT: although the initial date has passed, please continue to communicate your needs so that we can all stay in touch.

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