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March Membership Meeting: Legislative Session Recap

Author, Jane Mulholland

The March 17, 2022, League of Women Voters of Lincoln County membership meeting (via Zoom) will feature Rep. David Gomberg and Sen. Dick Anderson. They will provide a summary of and take questions related

to the 2022 legislative session, which began 2/1/22. As this is an even numbered year, the session is limited to a maximum of 35 days, so by the time we meet, the session will have been completed.

Because of the short amount of time in the session, each legislator is limited to 2 bills that can be introduced during the session. We will be able to hear about the bills presented by Rep. Gomberg and Sen. Anderson and their outcomes, as well as other key legislation passed.

Please join us for this interesting program and the opportunity to talk directly with our local legislators!

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