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New Member Coffee Meeting by Carol Hall

Four “veteran” members of the League of Women Voters of Lincoln County (LWVLC)--Carol Hall, Chair Membership Committee, Marilyn Podesta, Georgia Roelof and Ruth Kistler--met at The Red Roof on Gleneden Beach Loop on Thursday, January 30, 2020, to welcome new 2019-2020 members. The new members who attended this meeting were Kay Hering, Rebecca McGee and Judy Kreitmeyer. Each new member was given a manila folder with various informative papers; e.g., Day at the Legislature registration form, League of Women Voters of Oregon (LWVOR) and League of Women Voters of the United States (LWVUS) mission statements, LWVUS centenary membership pin and a LWVUS informative bookmark.

We were seated at the long table in the main room, and each attendee chose a beverage and baked item of her choice, paid for by LWVLC. Self-introductions were made, and the attached agenda was more-or-less followed. Questions and fields of interest were discussed. There was interest in developing a Facebook page.

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