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Your Vote Matters

By Robin Wedertz

I believe that Voting is our Nation's most critical fundamental right. It is by this vessel that all other rights have been contested and created. In recent elections, it has become increasingly evident that every voice, every being who considers and submits their ballot, is an essential part of our democratic process. When future representation and the passage of local measures come down to the equivalent of a high school football game crowd, it can be no clearer that the power is truly in the hands of the people. In 2022, Colorado's 3rd district was claimed by as little as 551 people.

Exercise your power. Now is the time to make sure that you, and everyone you know, are registered to vote. Visit the Oregon Secretary of State to register, or update your registration if you have moved or changed your name. Visit the websites of the League of Women Voters, National League, State League, and your Local League for non-partisan educational voter information. Better yet, join your local league and come to our monthly meetings where you can meet with local representatives, educators, leaders and fellow community members who are involved in local businesses and organizations.

We invite the participation of women and men, and are encouraging the youth of our community to join in the conversations. Citizens as young as 16 can register to vote in Oregon, and will receive the ballot for the first election that falls on or after their 18th birthday. Imagine being handed the keys to a brand new car, without ever having so much as read the driver's handbook. This is what voting for the first time can feel like; a huge responsibility and no idea what you're doing!

The Oregon LWV has engaging programs for youth involvement. We are currently working toward putting these tools into action here in our community. There are no barriers to joining your local league, we are a grassroots, non-partisan group. If you have concerns regarding membership fees or any other questions, please email us at

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” - Mahatma Gandhi

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