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Cybersecurity and Privacy Study, Status and Plans, by Ruth Kistler

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Our local League members read and considered the Cybersecurity study. At our October 15 meeting, Jean Cowan led us through the consensus questions. We’ve submitted our Consensus report to the state League. What happens next? Our state League needs to adopt a position and, because the issues are national, we have been collaborating with other state Leagues and we will be seeking concurrence at the 2022 LWV Convention. The rest of this article and the accompanying timeline are copied from Sheila McGinnis’s latest report to the LWVOR board. (Sheila is the LWVOR program chair.) “With local consensus reports in, it’s time to develop a Cybersecurity position statement as the basis for advocacy for next legislative session and to submit for national concurrence (note timeline below). The Study Committee is tabulating and analyzing local consensus results. Mary Sinclair, study committee chair, and Alice Bartelt are convening a committee meeting the first week of December to draft the Cybersecurity position statement. After a short pause so partner states across the country could focus on the general election, Becky Gladstone and Mary Sinclair are continuing to enlist other states in the national concurrence effort. With completion of the PCS consensus, the committee will be able to ramp up its efforts to engage other states in national concurrence by the end of 2021 (timeline below).”

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