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Candidate Videos Press Release by Jean Cowen

Here’s the press release Jean Cowen sent for the candidate videos posted to the LWV Lincoln County Facebook page.

"Due to the need for everyone to stay safe at home, the League of Women Voters of Lincoln County (LWVLC) is unable to host a public forum for candidates prior to the May primary election. However, in accordance with the League’s continuing commitment to voter education, questions were submitted to candidates for Congressional District 5 (CD 5) and three local, non-partisan positions. Each candidate was encouraged to submit a video with his/her responses. The responses of those who chose to participate have now been posted to LWVLC’s Facebook page: LWV Lincoln County Oregon. Additional detailed information about all the races within the reader’s zip code can also be found online at, which has been compiled by the League of Women Voters on a national basis.

The outreach for the Facebook videos included the primary challengers in the CD 5 race. On the Democrat side they are the incumbent Congressman Kurt Schrader, Mark Gamba and Blair Reynolds. On the Republican ticket, contenders include Shane Dinkel, Joey Nations, Angela Romans and Amy Ryan Courser. One individual from each political party will be selected to run in the November General Election. Only two Democrats have chosen to submit videos at this time.

The three non-partisans seats being contested in the May primary are County Commissioner, District Attorney and Circuit Court Judge (position 1). Candidates seeking the County Commission seat include incumbent Commissioner Claire Hall, Dave Davis, Joe Hitselberger, Betty Kamikawa and Ed Johnston. Three of these candidates submitted videos for the Facebook posting. In this race, should one individual secure more than 50% of the votes, that person will be declared the winner. However, if no one achieves this goal, the top two contenders will face each other in the general election.

The District Attorney race includes the appointed incumbent Jonathan Cable and Lanee Danforth. Circuit Court Judge Sheryl Bachart is being challenged by Russ Baldwin. All four of these individuals have submitted videos."

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