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Different Kind of Election Year by Georgia Roelof

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, almost everything has changed, right? Well, that includes our League’s voter service for this primary election. In years past, our Lincoln County LWV has proudly (and very effectively) held Candidate Forums to help inform our county of candidates and issues appearing on our ballots. That has not been possible this year, so we looked for alternative ways to reach voters with unbiased, non-partisan information to help create an educated electorate. One method has been to post videos on our new Facebook page from the local candidates (see the article, “LWV Lincoln County is on Facebook.”) Another, obviously, has been to use our Facebook page to disseminate valuable information to our “friends” and visitors. A third way involved something we haven’t done in the recent past – buying advertising space in our local newspapers. We have an Education Fund to cover this, and it is certainly an appropriate way to use the fund! So, look in the News Guard and the News Times for our ads, which encourage readers to visit our Facebook page and go to for information about the issues important to the candidates. Then fill out your ballot and VOTE!!

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