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October Membership Matters by Marilyn Podesta, Membership Chair

Last month, I gave you some clues about our members. Unfortunately, we were unable to meet in person to talk to each other, as our meeting at the Newport Library had to be cancelled. We will also have to have our October meeting by Zoom, so I decided to answer the clues for you in this issue of our newsletter: 1) Who is a native San Franciscan and spent her professional life in school libraries in CA? -- Carol Hall. 2) Who was an administrator of programs for the Deaf and hard of hearing? -- Jane Mulholland. 3) Who is the current LWVOR Treasurer? -- Ruth Kistler. 4) Who leads a “Bell Ringer” group at Sunday services? -- Georgia Roelof. 5) Who is a former state of Oregon Representative? -- Jean Cowan. 6) Who is a current Lincoln County Commissioner? -- Kaety Jacobson. 7) Who tirelessly organized our successful fruit sales for many years? -- .Jack Kistler

8) Who is a current member of the Newport City Council? -- Cynthia Jacobi. 9) Who spent her childhood on an ancestral Northern CA farm and attended a one-room school? -- Marilyn Podesta. 10) Who brought renowned authors to our area for the annual “Newport Reads” program? -- Patti Littlehales. 11) Who is now heading up our LWVLC website? -- Robin Wedertz. 12) Who worked professionally for years in the NY wine industry? -- Jay Roelof. 13) Who has visited the LWVUS headquarters? -- Linda Brown. 14) Who is the Mayor of Lincoln City? -- Susan Wahlke. 15) Who is on the STR committee to help improve LC’s neighborhoods? -- Monica Kirk. 16) Who has ancestry dating back to the Mayflower and is a DAR member? -- Candace Ford.

17) Who are our two LWVLC Life Members? (Membership of at least 50 years!) Maxine Demory and Sue Groshong. Linda Brown of Waldport is a brand new member of our League, and we hope we can get to know you much better in the future, Linda. Welcome! There are still some members who have not renewed their membership…please do so at your earliest opportunity!

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